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Antique Reclaimed Grey Barr de Montpellier 

 French antique reclaimed Grey Bar flagstones, salvaged French Bar de Montpellier, French reclaimed Bar de Montpellier.

The fairly regular size permits laying format in regular bands. Available immediately from stock.

Format is approx 75cm x 46cm (18" x 29,5" ) and just over, but varies slightly which is authentic.

Thickness approx 30mm (1.2 inch).

Stock 80 m2 (861sft)

Price: € 27.400,00 + VAT ( if applicable )

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Stock Visible in our Showrooms in Forte dei Marmi, Via G.B.Vico 63 - 55042 (Tuscany) Italy

call. +39-(0) 584-876341

Materials: Stone
Format: Rectangular
Thickness: 3(1,2")
Price: € make your offer
Quantity: 80 m2 (861sft)
Dimensions: Opus Roman
Number Code: 001050